Structural changes in social and health care and the emphasis on self-directed health care management places pressure on the technology expertise in the field and on the service production of companies in the field. The changes challenge both social and health care professionals and customers to make more use of technology solutions. For this reason, professionals in the field should have sufficient knowledge of existing technology solutions and guidance skills to guide the customers in the use of technology. Technology expertise is also a competitive edge for professionals in the field, as well as graduates and the sector`s companies.

The TEKNO project supports the well-being and healthcare technology expertise of social and healthcare workers, students in the field and individual citizens. In addition, the project will create a new customer understanding and business know-how for Uusimaa. New kinds of training solutions and service and product developments will be implemented through co-operation over sector boundaries. The planning of training takes strong account of the skills requirements of people in need of training, the learning manners of different aged people and the utilization of different control methods. As part of the project, technology expertise will become part of social and healthcare training, as well as the professional identity of professionals in the sector.

The project will include the planning and piloting of a virtual welfare and healthcare technology platform that will serve as a learning environment for training, promoting the end-user technology expertise at home and bringing together technology companies, along with their products. The technology platform also supports, among others, the networking of start-up entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs over the longer term. The mobile digital guidance point in the project supports the technology expertise of citizens.

The primary implementer of the TEKNO project is Laurea University of Applied Sciences, with part implementers being Posintra Oy, Upgraded and Vantaan Invalidit. The duration of the project is from the 1st of March 2017 until the 29th of February 2019. The total budget of the project is 437 931 €. The project is primarily funded by the European Social Fund ESFESR.